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Talking Drupal is a weekly chat about web design and development by a group a guys with one thing in common, we love Drupal. With hosts Stephen Cross, John Picozzi and Nic Laflin.

Today we are talking about Open Source in K-12 Education with Stu Keroff.

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  • What is the Penguin Corp
  • Why is Open Source important
  • How can educators bring open soiurce to their classroom
  • How difficult is it to change from closed to open source
  • What are some resources
  • Youtube Channel
  • Hurdles to introducing open source
  • Types of software you’ve introduced
  • Sourcing hardware
  • What to say to the question: Why is this important?
  • Video games
  • Statistics
  • Homeschooling
  • How to help



Stu Keroff - @studoeslinux


Nic Laflin - @nicxvan
John Picozzi - @johnpicozzi
Kat Shaw - @katannshaw



Martin Anderson-Clutz - @mandclu
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