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Talking Drupal is a weekly chat about web design and development by a group a guys with one thing in common, we love Drupal. With hosts Stephen Cross, John Picozzi and Nic Laflin.

Today we are talking about Neurodiversity with Matthew Saunders.

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  • What is Neurodiversity
  • People first
  • What got you interested in Neurodiversity
  • Youtube series My Neurodivergent Brain
  • How does it apply to Drupal
  • How can the community help Neurodivergent folks
  • How does this impact work relationships
  • How do you attend camps and cons
  • Is there testing we can apply to our projects to help
  • What are best practices in design
  • Will this be at DrupalCon
  • How would you improve the world for neurodivergent folks
  • Representation in media



Matthew Saunders - @Creech


Nic Laflin - @nicxvan
John Picozzi - @johnpicozzi
Randy Oest - @amazingrando



Martin Anderson-Clutz - @mandclu
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