Talking Drupal
Talking Drupal is a weekly chat about web design and development by a group a guys with one thing in common, we love Drupal. With hosts Stephen Cross, John Picozzi and Nic Laflin.

Today we are talking about Docksal with Shelane French & Leonid Makarov.


  • John - Busy August
  • Nic - BBQ
  • Shelane - Olympics
  • Leonid - Bike trip with kids
  • Docksal Elevator pitch
  • Docksal Differentiators
  • Why choose Docksal
  • Conflict with other Docker based tools
  • Involvement Timeline
  • Develoment process
  • Other Docker use cases
  • Docksal Roadmap
  • Getting started



Shelane French - @shelane

Leonid Makarov - @lmakarov


Nic Laflin - @nicxvan

John Picozzi - @johnpicozzi

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