Talking Drupal
Talking Drupal is a weekly chat about web design and development by a group a guys with one thing in common, we love Drupal. With hosts Stephen Cross, John Picozzi and Nic Laflin.

Today we are chatting with Matthieu Scarset about two modules he created to solve common Drupal problems.


  • Stephen - Moonlander Keyboard
  • John - 300th Show call for videos
  • Nic - Seeing friends again
  • Jason - Launching 4 sites tomorrow for RI eCMS
  • Matthieu - Moving back to Spain from France
  • Menu Manipulator
  • Solves language issue in core
  • Hides non translated content
  • Entity Media Usage
  • No DB tables
  • Essentially a view to show media or other entities on content type
  • Can easily be disabled
  • Approach to creating small modules that overlap with larger modules
  • Prolific module creator
    • User Info Block
    • Twitter API Block
      Flag Rating
  • Drupal version tag



Matthieu Scarset @MatthieuScarset


Stephen Cross - @stephencross

Nic Laflin - @nicxvan

John Picozzi - @johnpicozzi

Jason Pamental - @jpamental

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