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Module of the Week

Captcha After -

Show CAPTCHA protection on selected forms after specified number of unsuccessful form submit attempts has been made.

CAPTCHA After module brings solution to the problem of evaluating security challenges (commonly known as CAPTCHAs) without decreasing the usability of your site. It allows human visitors to fill the web form with input data without solving the CAPTCHA challenge. If however malicious software (or user) is to be suspected because the total number of submitted forms (correct or wrong submits), the CAPTCHA will be activated.

Typical use case is user login page where you can set that CAPTCHA protection should be shown after 3 unsuccessful login attempts. Then on first 3 attempts guest user will not be challenged with CAPTCHA protection, but on fourth login attempt guest user will also need to solve CAPTCHA challenge in order to login.

The administrator of the site has multiple options when it comes to fine tuning of the “suspicious” situation: you can control submit threshold (number of wrong submissions per user), flooding threshold (number of correct submissions per machine IP) and global flooding threshold.

CAPTCHA After can also be enabled only for selected CAPTCHA protected forms.



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