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Talking Drupal is a weekly chat about web design and development by a group a guys with one thing in common, we love Drupal. With hosts Stephen Cross, John Picozzi and Nic Laflin.
Today we are talking about Drupal Single Sign On, The Benefits it brings to the Drupal Community, and A new book called Fog & Fireflies with guest Tim Lehnen. We’ll also cover Username Field as our module of the week.

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  • What is Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Does Drupal already support SSO
  • Why is SSO on important
  • Camps using SSO
  • Other possibilities
  • Gitlab login
  • Cloud IAM
  • Why did the Drupal Association choose Cloud IAM
  • How do you see the collaboration growing
  • Where are we now
  • What are the next steps
  • How far are we from this becoming a reality
  • What does onboarding look like
  • Will third party sites be able to use D.O SSO
  • Can the community help
  • Fog & Fireflies
    • First book
    • Can you buy it now



Tim Lehnen - hestenet


Nic Laflin - nicxvan
John Picozzi - johnpicozzi
Matt Glaman - mglaman



Martin Anderson-Clutz - mandclu

  • Brief description:
    • Have you ever wanted to have a field on user profiles specifically designed for usernames? There’s a module for that
  • Module name/project name:
  • Brief history
    • How old: created in August 2019 by hussainweb AKA Hussain Abbas of Axelerant
    • Versions available: 2.0.0-beta4
  • Maintainership
    • Actively maintained, that release was made less than 6 months ago
    • Test coverage
    • Number of open issues: 8 open issues, none of which are bugs
  • Usage stats:
    • 1 site
  • Module features and usage
    • The module provides a new field type, along with its own widget and formatter
    • With a simple checkbox, you can get the module to validate that the provided username is registered on
    • What’s really powerful about this module is that it can also pull other information from the profile, such as first and last name, country, bio, and more
    • It does this by leveraging a Guzzle-based API client for that Hussain created as part of a DrupalCon Asia developer contest
    • I believe the intended use of the modules is to use a provided drush command to copy the values from the username field into other fields, where they would be displayed to site visitors
    • Although this module isn’t something that a lot of sites will need, I could see it being really useful for Drupal camp websites, to automatically collect a lot of the information that many such sites ask users to populate manually
    • I think it’s also an interesting use of the API, and could be a useful reference for anyone needing to implement a custom integration
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