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Talking Drupal is a weekly chat about web design and development by a group a guys with one thing in common, we love Drupal. With hosts Stephen Cross, John Picozzi and Nic Laflin.

Today we are talking about Layout Paragraphs with Justin Toupin.


  • Ukaine –
  • Drupal 7 end of life
  • What is Layout Paragraphs
  • How it works
  • Who it is for
  • Current status
  • Timeline for the project
  • Why you worked on this
    • Marketing and editorial staff need flexible tools
    • Complex interfaces became the norm
    • Content teams need to involve devs
  • Layout paragraphs has been called an evolution of WYSIWYG
  • Paragrpahs
  • Comparison between Layout Paragraphs and Layout Builder
  • Listener question from Steven – Is there a way to show the label of the paragraph type without needing to hover over the content on the edit screen
  • What is next
  • Mercury editor
  • Getting started
  • Headless Drupal



Justin Toupin - @justin2pin


Nic Laflin - @nicxvan
John Picozzi - @johnpicozzi
Martin Anderson-Clutz - @mandclu


JSON:API Node Preview Tab
Adds a tab to nodes that allows a quick preview of the node’s representation as JSON:API. If using this with a Chrome browser, we suggest using the JSONVue extension to improve the formatting, with the option enabled to format contents in frames.

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